Why I Run

Group of studentsAs President of Coastline Community College’s Associated Student Government, I've worked hand in hand with the current Board of Trustees. While working with the Board, I cannot help but notice a lack of representation of Asian Americans and a true student perspective on board. For Coast, Asian students make up the second largest majority in enrollment. With a Board that is all Caucasian and retired, and the incumbent having served on board for over 20 years now, I believe that it is important to see new leadership that can truly relate to the students that our community colleges are serving.

I am running in the District’s only Asian majority area to represent the cities of Garden Grove and Fountain Valley, however voters for the Coast Community College District also come from the cities of Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Seal Beach, and Westminster, which makes this a majority Caucasian District. Many understand the difficulties that lie ahead for the campaign trail, but I believe that with the support of the whole community, we can soon see the representation that our students deserve.

I'm fortunate to now be a Doctoral Candidate and attribute all my success to our community colleges. I'm running to give back to the District that has unconditionally given to our community. I want to serve as a role model for our students, as well as inspire others to give back to their community. I'm not a politician, but someone that truly cares about our community colleges.

I bring a technological and student-minded perspective to the Board. My track record in education shows expertise and dedication for students of all backgrounds. Whether you’re a veteran, parent, or new student out of high school, I want to make sure that your voice is heard and that we can continue to support our students for the years to come. Help me represent our community and students on the Coast Community College District Board of Trustees. I respectively ask you to Vote Vong in the November 8, 2016 General Election.

Group of students

Meet Vong

Vong Xavier Nguyen has called Orange County home for over two decades. Raised by a Single-Vietnamese Refugee Parent and our public K-14 schools, he returns to the classroom as a Special Education Teacher. He previously was a Substitute Teacher with the Garden Grove Unified School District and a Site Supervisor for the Boys and Girls Club of Garden Grove.

As a Golden West College transfer student, while holding a 4.0 GPA from Orange Coast College, Vong has seen firsthand the hurdles that students go through to complete a college degree. This is why he was elected and served as Coastline Community College’s Student Body President after transferring to the University of Southern California.

As President, Vong has lobbied and represented community college students in both our community and nationally through the:

  • Student Senate for California Community Colleges
  • American Student Association of Community Colleges
  • Campaign for College Opportunity
  • Various Task Committees with the Coast Community College District

Since then, he has worked one-on-one with students to aide in their transfer processes with his Educational Consulting Group. He has helped students gain acceptance to schools such as UCI, UCLA, Stanford, Harvard, and many more.

Vong graduated from the University of Southern California with university, latin, and federal honors, having received the Ronald E. McNair and Benjamin A. Gilman Scholar distinction. In 2015, he was honored as a J. William Fulbright Scholar to complete research in Vietnam, but opted to return and teach in his hometown of Garden Grove. He is currently a Doctoral Candidate with the Johns Hopkins University School of Education, focusing his research on proven Community College logistical changes that result in Staff Satisfaction and Student Success.



We have three colleges in our District with a majority of students cross enrolling at them, we should have a single and Uniform Transcript. As students apply to transfer and for scholarships, they are required to pay for transcripts at all of the colleges they attended. Cutting this small cost for students again will result in much greater student success.

Currently only one of our colleges have Priority Admission to Top Private Schools. We need to strengthen all of our colleges to ensure students that, no matter which college they attend, they can have the same opportunities as students at our sister colleges.

As more and more students enroll in our colleges, we have to make Hiring Full-Time Faculty and Staff a priority to ensure that students are best supported inside and outside the classroom.


For our students, staff, and professors, we need to Update our computers and learning management systems. Everyday, new technology is coming out and we need to have committees that are on top of the innovative advances that will better everyone’s educational experience.

Our future requires a Green Campus. That calls for an expansion of our college’s recycling plant and green buildings. Let’s put our roofs to use and add solar panels to power our science labs and business buildings. Campuses around the U.S. are adding water refueling stations, shifting to sustainable food containers and utensils, and we need to ensure that sustainable habits are carried out at all our colleges.


Some textbooks cost just as much as a student’s tuition, and with that we need to shift towards Open Resources. These are free and accessible resources that professors can use to conduct their daily lesson plans. We also need to make sure that we invest in Not-For Profit Bookstores. Outsourcing textbooks hurt our students’ pockets, so having schools invest in textbooks that are recycled will help cut costs down for students. Also with any profits generated, the money can be used towards student facilities at our colleges. Encouraging faculty unions to adopt a Textbook Cost Cap will also help students afford their textbooks.


Our Community Colleges are funded by taxpayer dollars, so making sure that our community knows what the colleges are doing with this money is important to stop corruption. I hold every board member and myself accountable for all money used in the District. This is why I will be an active voice in the community, advocating and engaging our community to learn more about our colleges. I want to Increase Public Awareness of our colleges and everything we and the students do for Orange County. Always Reporting to Taxpayers will develop a sense of trust between elected officials and community members.


Students aren’t just paying for tuition, but housing, textbooks, transportation, and the unexpectancies in life. On top of doing well in coursework, we need to Freeze Tuition so students can focus on their education.

As a community college scholarship recipient, we need to Increase Scholarship Funds to help students that take initiate and need the extra help in completing their education. We want to reward our students for their academic success and guide them to their next steps in life.


Our students come from throughout Orange County, spanning over a 50 mile radius. We need to work towards Adding More OCTA Bus Lines directly to our colleges. Over the past year, OCTA has cut these lines leading to our colleges and we need to show them that our students need them the most. If students are constantly late or absent to class, how can we expect them to do well in their coursework?

We also have to work towards Subsidizing Public Transportation. Students that are taking public transportation typically are working at ends meet already, so helping alleviate this small cost for them will and has shown results in an increase in student success.

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